360 Gist Pilot: My Longest Relationship Lasted For 6 Months – Huddah Monroe

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My Longest Relationship Lasted For 6 Months – Huddah Monroe

Popular Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe has just revealed that she doesn’t date for more than six months.

The former BBA star wondered how couples could be in a relationship for more than six months, according to her, it's  a prison she could never subject herself to.

“How do you stay with someone for so long? I need lessons,” she started, adding, “I am a man in some ways. A star gal don’t catch feelings. Catch feelings at your own risk.”

She continued, “If you are the one, God will definitely show me, or show you. I lack patience, that’s for sure and I get bored easily.”

Only last weeks ago the Kenyan socialite revealed that she regrets some of her relationships. “Sometime I wish I can unfuck some of the people I fucked before. “I am already angry with myself for even letting my [p**sy] out of the bag,” she said.

Now, she ponders the idea of long-term relationships. “I have a ‘men to do list’. I have ticked down a few. Few left before I take this life seriously,” she added.

Read her rants:

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