360 Gist Pilot: Meet 81-Year Old Grandma Who Is The World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Meet 81-Year Old Grandma Who Is The World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder

It has been said time and time again – no one has an excuse for not looking good.

Ernestine Shepherd, an 81-year old grandmother from Baltimore recently made it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest competitive female bodybuilder ever. Let’s say she is too hot for her age.

Ernestine has impeccably toned six-pack abs that would put even the most frequent gym-goer to shame. We are simply blown away by her dedication.

Apart from bodybuilding, she models and teaches fitness classes.

Image: Yonnex Sports

The fitness instructor has been winning in love too. She has been married for 54 years.

Divorce people, do you hear that? 54 years. Her husband Collin Shepherd has admitted that he ‘has trouble keeping guys away from her’. The couple has a 53-year-old son and a 14 year old grandson.

Here she is, chilling with her husband.

Image: scubby.com

As part of her health routine, Ernestine wakes up at 3 a.m. every day to meditate. After that, she hits the trails in a local park to run 10 miles before breakfast.

She only eats plain brown rice, bland chicken breast, and vegetables. On top of that, she drinks a glass of raw egg whites, three times a day. Raw egg? I kent……I just kent.

Credit: omgvoice.com

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