360 Gist Pilot: Manchester Must Win EPL In 2017/18 - Carrick

Friday, 21 July 2017

Manchester Must Win EPL In 2017/18 - Carrick

Manchester United captain Michael Carrick has insisted that the club must win the Premier League title next season.

Manchester United are England’s most successful club with 20 league titles, but they last lifted the EPL trophy in 2013, the year the accomplished manager Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

“I can’t get my head around that, to say top-four is acceptable,” Carrick, who has won the EPL title five times, said during a press conference in the United States of America on Thursday.

“You can’t expect to win the league every year. But you’ve got to set out to do that.

“We can’t be sat here saying finishing in the top four is a step up from last season. That’s not what we’re about here.

“We need to be aiming for the top. As players, we understand that, and that’s what we’re geared for as a club. “We’ve got to put it into practice and take it a step further than we have done the last few years. It’s pretty much win the league or nothing for me.”

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