360 Gist Pilot: Don't Donate Money To Anyone On My Behalf, Am Not Dying - Halima Abubakar

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Don't Donate Money To Anyone On My Behalf, Am Not Dying - Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar has come out to address the Rumour mongers.
The actress who is currently ill due to complications suffered from fibroid surgery Thanked people for their concern.

She has asked people not to donate to any account and that if she needs help, she will ask for it herself.

See her post below:

“Am grateful to everyone who has shown me love and encouragement at this point in my life.May God bless you all.Both far and near,only Goodness will follow you all.i want to be know as a positive soul and not a sad one,so I plead to you all not to donate any money on my behalf to anyone.i see people already trying to make money out of it.kindly don’t.And pls am not dying,so no need for the hashtag.

You all are awesome and am coverd.If I don’t ask for money my self ,then it’s not from me.I have wonderful people around me.kindly stop the lies .i want this smile to be permanent and so shall it be AminI won’t keep silent like those who did and got no support,pls stop spreading lies about me.

If you want to pray for me,I appreciate it,if you want to call me since you have my numbers ,I will appreciate it too,but don’t come on social media and keep talking.Thank you once again and I am humbled by all your gestures I love you all Thank you to those who privately reached out to me.I shall print your names to specially thank you so sorry can’t reply #allhamdullilah.

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