360 Gist Pilot: Comedian Alibaba Mocks Nigeria Airport Authority, After Rats Invade The Airport

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Comedian Alibaba Mocks Nigeria Airport Authority, After Rats Invade The Airport

Recall that some days ago, there were pictures of rats Spotted At Murtala Muhammed International Airport.
Alibaba took to his Instagram page to write this…..

"Now you know why cameras are not allowed in our airports. Not for security reasons... if anyone had told the Acting President this, and he fires people, someone will say he is ritualistic and trying to get rid of all people from a particular tribe. This is the same airport that has a Minister, special advisers, special assistants, DGs, chairmen of boards, Directors... and not one of them had the sense to say "From the landing fees of British Airways, Can we funmigate the airport between 12 midnight and 4 am?" Just think about it, In a country that just escaped Ebola... and the same country is now being threatened by LASSA FEVER... RATS SHOULD BE SEEN AS DEADLY AS BOKO HARAM. The cheapest way to deal with rats is to get cats. The rats will all be stowawys as soon as the start hearing meeeeeeeooooow! They will buy tickets and travel. The cats would not need to be fed. Just throw them inside the ceilings. Prioritize our needs. Make it a national call to duty. Prioritize. I recall vividly, how Kema Chikwe... insisted that the monies collected from advertising around the airport should go in maintaining conveyor belt, aircondition, cleaning and restrooms. We know what state our bathrooms were then. Then came another minister. One who thought bullet proof vehicles were more important than conveyor belt, air conditioning, clean toilets and parking spaces. This is also why there are no CCTvs when you are at points of entry. Its not about the people anymore. What do I know sef... shebi I be comedian?"

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