360 Gist Pilot: Rob Kardashian Ends Love Affair With Blac Chyna, Says She's Broke

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Rob Kardashian Ends Love Affair With Blac Chyna, Says She's Broke

Rob Kardashian has reportedly ended his relationship with Blac Chyna.

Rob reveals some things many didn't known about there relationship.

The reality tv star claims Blac Chyna who is his baby mama is broke and he pays her bills.

Here’s a report from the blog Famolous:

"Yesterday a woman name @bonita4real exposed her baby dad for allegedly talking to Chyna. Bonita posted messages allegedly from Chyna to the baby dad and message from him saying he was going to use Chyna.

However, it turned out at least one of the text messages wasn’t from Chyna so I let it go. Rob Kardashian saw Bonita post and contacted her via Instagram telling her to call him about what had happened. Bonita did as Rob asked and the two begin to text back and forth. Rob then goes in Chyna and spills tea how he’s paying all her bills and how she can’t afford to give her mother money.

Rob claims he buys her cars and the life we see that she has is because of him. Rob also called her a hoe and said “she’s for everyone.”

Rob said Chyna basically used him for publicity last week when they were spotted at Disneyland as well. Rob claims he didn’t want to go and she begged him to do it. Rob said he’s done with her."

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