360 Gist Pilot: February 2017

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

BB Naija: Gifty's alleged husband's cousin releases their white wedding photos online

This is very serious!!

Recall that last week, former Big Brother Naija house mate, Gifty during her media tour denied that she is married or has a child.

She also revealed why she ended her relationship with her boyfriend before she entered the Big Brother house.

A man who claims he is Gifty's husband's cousin has released photos from their wedding.

It was learnt that the wedding was held on 6th April 2014.

The unknown man also called her out, saying she was an unfaithful wife.

He said he took all these photos himself on the wedding day.

Read what he wrote:

#GiftyBBN.. It's appalling that you will never in your life be truthful even when you are caught in the act. JESUS!

I am Engr David Akumah's Cousin who refused to be quiet even though my family members are mostly scholars and God fearing,...and wish not to meddle with things that will bring more disgrace to the family's name...

but now I say Enough is Enough! Please Readers be aware

Gifty is Married to my Cousin David Sorochukwu Akumah AkA Sodafaces... a renowned Nollywood Director and Producer whom am not surprised that he decided to keep quiet over this matter till now because of his meek nature as a Quiet-Busy-Responsible man and had in the Past, vowed not to be associated with what ever Gifty is involved in because of scandals.

For the Records! My Cousine David never uploaded Gifty's wedding pictures as an instrument in removing Gifty from BBN as accused, or to claim her further as his legally married wife,... rather what he did was to shut down Folders of upto 1000 copies of both Bachelors, Traditional and White wedding pictures of him and Gifty from his Facebook account, immediately after they had a problem that was not properly managed by the couple themselves about Gifty's Cheating Life while still in his husband's house.

It's a Pity that Gifty is still a very big Liar, never truthful to her new Fans and will never be because that's how her fake identified super model mother as she said in Pulse TV interview brought her up. Obviously you can't give what you don't have...Gifty was not morally brought up due to want of making it big with the mother by all means over the years.

Please Nigerians disregard whatever that comes out from that big fake liar's mouth called Gifty because she cannot give what she does not have which is TRUTH. She was trained by a funny Mother who gave birth to over four children from different men inwhich all the children she have, never knew their father including the so called Gifty (#FACT).

Gifty... I decided to fight dirty through this piece of write up because you don't know the disgrace you have robbed and brought upon Rev. Professor Akumah's family which I belong to. You are a wife not some girlfriend of Mr2k or whatever he calls himself..and a point of advice to all men out there....please I beg of you try and find out a little info about any woman you are having an affair with because you may be sleeping with another man's wife and thereby bringing a curse to yourself ...don't forget our traditions in Nigeria is still very strong to fight offenders...

...And for #BBN or #BBA...please make true identification findings about married people on your show before reducing our Nigerian morals to zero.

Gifty those pictures online you saw and decided to react with lies when the game is over was a 2014 mobile upload pictures you used your hand to upload through my Cousin's phone when you guys were living together as husband and wife...obviously because you felt he had more Nollywood followers in FB than you and decided to use his platform unknowing to him of the wrong English expression you had attached to those posts of yours that turned against you..now he is undergoing a public disgrace and accusation from your likers that he wants to either use you to sale out as a brand or bring you down...Rubbish! Something he innocently knows nothing about and even does not know how to react to the blackmail because he is also a public figure.

I swear you get luck no be me dey marry you...seriously I for finish you in this your stupid online game.
In their wedding on 6th April 2014, our former Governor His Excellency Senator DR. SAM EGWU was in attendance alongside other important government dignitaries at Assemblies of God Church Odunukwe in Abakaliki followed by a grand wedding reception at WDC Hall in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State (#VERIFY- Please you are free to ask your friends around Abakaliki because it was a huge wedding)
Gifty! that your Husband whom though do not want to change his mind in not bringing you back to his house after all his family's persuasion to do so when your manipulative immoral mother came to his house at Asaba and took you away to Ghana simply because she asked for my cousin after one week of their white wedding to open a boutique for her (Gifty's Mother) in a choice place in Lagos and he begged her to be allowed for sometime to enable him recoup from his just concluded wedding spendings which she vehemently refused and took you! her daughter away.

I can only say may God forgive you and your mother because to you people... traditional and white wedding is just like a one day bikini Party ..chaii..na moneyooo my cousin take use package such wedding no be Paperooo Danm!...
Please Gifty this is not Liberia where your mum grew up...This is Nigeria where a woman can only leave her husband for good or bad either by way of tradition through giving Dowry back by the Elders or Court dissolving the union via Divorce proceedings.

Please Be wise and say the truth before you loose everything including your new fans and be rest assured that my cousin Brother may not accept you back because you and your mother have crossed the line...and if you continue blackmailing or threatening him weather publicly with your so called Online PR Team or phone calls as you and your mum is doing at the moment, then I will be forced to release Audio and Video facts of all of these am saying because I know some of your likers will still blindly say these pictures below i took with my own camera during their traditional and white wedding and also when the couple were signing Marriage certificate were all photoshoped or you are been framed as usual...So in absence of your next actions, I say May God help your mother to help you redirect your life positively before its too late since you both are inseparable. I believe you can also make it bigger with little or more morals like most of our Nigerian celebrities... GoodLuck

See more photos below,

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Man narrates how sadden to see aborted triplets dumped on the road

A Nigerian man has revealed how heartbroken he after he discovered, an aborted triplets dumped on the road.

According to him, that's the height of wickedness , because the mum could have simply left them at a motherless home.

The babies were allegedly found in Bida, Niger State.

Here's what he wrote; "How can we be living with the devil himself on earth😭😭😭😭😭many people are out there asking God for one,so that people will know that they are a woman or a man and some people are here killing the innocent kids..while some people are asking God for a cripple in order to answer mummy and daddy...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭just look at what a human being did to this bundle of joy😭😭😭triplets for that matter😭😭😭😭why not allow to reach nine months then born them and let them live..just abandon them at the gate of motherless baby home rather than taking their lives like this..anybody that did this...you are not a human being you are a devil in disguise....crying so deeply right now..Father in heaven Please give those that value humanity kids in Jesus name Amen... People are wicked seriously...breaking the hearts of those looking for the fruits of the womb.. Uwa (world)"
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See the Poor rooms Governor Ayade's employees are living in Calabar

The men of Cross River State governor Ben Ayade are also known as men in black, are reportedly living in a place at the Governor's quarters in Calabar.

This makes life difficult for these workers, as whatever that they're paid can't fetch them anything better.

It was learnt that they are being owed salaries.

A Facebook user, Paul Ifere shared as he wrote;
"Governor Ben Ayade Appointees (Men In Black) Lives In Dilapidated Conditions.
The living quarters and conditions of Governor Ben Ayade appointees in the Governors Lodge Calabar is shown below.
The Governor has not paid his Men In Black Escort for several months. According to the source of my information, they can hardly feed or take care of their needs.
Is Governor Ben Ayade worth working for?"
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Tonto Dikeh's husband, Churchill has allegedly arrested the wrong person

Earlier today, it was reported that Tonto Dikeh's husband, Mr. Olakunle Churchill, allegedly arrested the handler of @NigerianWomenDiary, Adeola Olonilua , for sharing a slandering post about his past

Apparently, the person who made the post Adeola shared on her instagram 📄 has alleged that the wrong person was arrested.

The Instagram user @fashionshade, in her new post still maintains
that Mr. Churchill is a wife-beater.

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Over 40,000 people pen their signatures for Obama to run as President of France

A pro-Obama campaign has emerged across France, with over 40,000 people putting down their signatures for the ex-President of the United States, Barack Obama, to run for the President of the country.

This was as a result of the dirty secrets of most politicians in the country, such as, Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, François Fillon, Benoît Hamon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, seeking to be elected into vacant positions have been revealed to the public.

The unofficial Obama17 campaign have spread posters across Paris with the slogan "Oui on peut" which means "Yes we can ", as they hope to get a million signatures by May 15th.

It was learnt that Obama won't be able to run for the post, the organizers of the campaign said that the campaign was inspired by failure of a clean candidate coming out for elective positions in France.

“The French are ready to make radical choices - that is good because we have a radical idea to propose to them,” a statement partly read.

''To launch this 6th Republic, we wish to strike a blow by electing a foreign President as the leader of our beautiful country.

“Barack Obama has completed his second term as President of the United States on 21 January, why not hire him as the President for France?”
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Don Jazzy signs 3 new artist to Mavin Records

Mavins boss, Don Jazzy has welcomed three new artists to the record label.

It has been gathered that the three acts includes, POE, Johnny Drille, and the DNA Twins of 'The Voice Nigeria'** have been signed to the Supreme Mavin Dynasty.

He confirmed tweeting,

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Father of 5 gets a new car for returning lost items

A Nigerian father of 5, Mr. Williams Nwosu, who returned a lost ecolag bag containing some documents and items belonging to a UAE based businessman, Mr. Chidiebere Wisdom Nwaubani, has been rewarded handsomely.

Mr. Williams relocated to Imo State after losing his taxi-driving job in Lagos.

He was filled with smiles as he was gifted a new Honda civic by the Businessman.

When he was asked why he didn't tamper with the items in the bag, he said he wasn't brought up that way.

Iroegbu Emenike who shared the story on Facebook wrote;


To Mr Williams Nwosu who hails from Ahiazu Mbaise, in Imo state, Monday the 27th of February 2017 is a day he will never forget in a hurry.
Mr. Nwosu who works as a house keeper received a brand new Honda civic for exhibiting a rare display of honest when he picked up an Ecolag bag belonging to a UAE based businessman Mr. Chidiebere Wisdom Nwaubani containing some valuable items like brand new and expensive mobile phones, an international passport with Dubai residential permit, a laptop, a diamond bank cheque book, an undisclosed amount of money both in foreign currencies and naira amongst other valuables, but returned it to the owner.

In appreciation Mr Chidiebere Nwaubani who expressed surprise at the level of honesty shown by Mr. Nwosu in this hard times decided to reward him with the gift of a brand new car. While handing over the car to Mr. Williams Nwosu in his office, Nwaubani said that though the bag contains some valuables including business documents, that what moved him into rewarding the man was his show of exceptional bravery and honesty, he also said he did what he did to encourage Nigerians to live an honest life and to also show people that honesty is the biggest virtue anybody can imbibe, he enjoined the youth to learn from Mr Nwosu who despite his condition decided not to take what does not belong to him.

In his response Mr Williams a father of five children who lost his taxi driving job and relocated to owerri when he could no longer cope with challenges of Lagos life without a job to cater for his family, said he was full of surprises and that never in his widest dream did he envisage owning a car after he lost his job, he said he relocated back to the east because of hardship and took the job of cleaning the compound of his relation in exchange and for an accommodation.

When asked why he did not tamper with the contents of the bag or help himself with some of the valuables or cash, he said he was not brought up in that manner and that what he did was what he was known for all his life, he said that no matter the degree of hardship that he can never steal or take what does not belong to him, he however showered blessings and thanks on Mr. Nwaubani whom he described as a kind hearted messiah, whom God had used to restore him back to business and prayed God to bless every of Mr. Ubani`s endeavors.

He said his advice is that the younger generation will live a life of honesty and hard work, eschew greed and always put God first in all they do, he said everyone should use him as an example of what the result of honesty should be and he prayed God to bless and replenish Mr. Nwaubani whom he said that God had used to wipe his tears."
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Was it true? 'Tonto Dikeh sets her husband's clothes on fire and lied against him'

Recall that Tonto Dikeh during the weekend posted on her Instagram page that she lied about gifts her husband gave her and also that Mr. Churchill infected her with STDs are all lies.

According to Laila Blog, a source alleged that Tonto Dikeh assaulted her husband before their marital crisis began. Says that she sets his clothes on fire and has not even returned the Prado car gift she claimed was a lie.

The source alleged that the actress threatened to tell lies that will ruin her husband's career on social media.

According to source from the Big Church Group said;

"They are all lies. If Churchill had ever laid hands on Tonto, she would have photo evidence, that's the kind of person she is. She would have taken photos. She was the violent one. She set fire to his clothes and destroyed proterty worth millions in their home.

She claimed he never bought her all those gifts but she returned the Lexux jeep he bought for her and kept the Prado. She drives a Prado, can she afford to buy one herself?
She just became bitter. And she was always threatening him, saying she would go online and release lies about him and ruin his life and career because for some reason, she thinks she made him.

Olakunle is not perfect but he's not the devil she's painting him. This is a man who bought a G-Wagon for her dad.

She was still using drugs and Olakunle was seeking help for her as he was committed to their relationship."
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Lady who wrote about Tonto Dikeh's husband's "past" has been arrested

360 GP has learnt that Adeola Olonilua, the handler of @NigerianWomenDiary on Instagram, has been allegedly arrested.

She was reportedly arrested for writing malicious posts against Tonto Dikeh's estranged husband, Mr. Churchill.

The lady who was allegedly taken into custody at Maroko police station, around 3p.m at Tantalizers, today.

Adeola who alleged that Mr. Churchill was a scammer before he married Tonto Dikeh.

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Save me, they've used my destiny for money rituals - Nigerian man

Nigerian man, Disu Omogbolahon, says his destiny has been allegedly been used for money rituals by ritualists.

He says his oppressors believes no one can help him even if he raises an alarm.

"Please save me from this ritual business people, they used my destiny for money ritual, they believe that no one can save me from them. Please come to my rescue" he wrote.

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Body of an accident victim still lies at same spot after 24 hours in Ibadan

After lying at same spot 24 hours after the accident, the body of an old man, who was knocked down by a hit and run commercial motorcyclist (Okada) is still on the spot.

This incident happened at Dugbe road in Ibadan, Oyo State.

According to Kehinde, an eye witness, says the residents of the area seem not to care about
the lifeless body of the deceased, as they went about their normal business.

He wrote; "Ok this is serious...I closed from work and witnessed an accident around 8:40pm yesterday, old man was knocked down by one okada rider at this very busy dugbe junction in ibadan, OYO state....OK 24hrs later I came back to pay "Nepa bills" exactly 11:15am at that same junction and to my greatest surprise I found the lifeless body of that man still lying there and nobody seems to care about it."

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Banky W shares details of the fire incident in his house that almost consumed him

EME boss, Bankole Wellington a.k.a
Banky W, has shared the details of the fire incident that occurred at his Lekki home this morning.

According to him, the fire almost consumed him and his dog in the house.

The singer said that the fire incident which happened around 6a.m this morning at his Lekki home, was as a result of his living room A.C which
caught fire.

The smoke was so much that he couldn't locate the source of the fire as his amazing neighbors were present to help him put out the fire.

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Reggae musician Sean Paul and wife welcome first child

Popular reggae musician from Jamaica Ryan Francis Henriques a.k.a Sean Paul, has welcome a new baby.

The 44-year-old singer went on his Instagram page to announce the arrival of his first child.

The baby has been christened Levi Blaze Henriques, 360 GP understands.

The proud dad was pictured smiling with his wife, Jodi 'Jinx' Stewart Henriques and the baby.

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PHOTOS: Man scoops gutter water with bare hands in Imo State

According to Facebook user, Okehie Stanley, shared a story of a man pictured scooping dirts with his bare hands from the gutter.

He said this happened at Njemanze street area of Imo state was .

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Kemi Olunloyo lists 3 celebrities in the world who can go without makeup

Nigerian trained journalist Kemi Olunloyo has listed 3 celebrities in the world who can go without makeup and still look so good.

Sharing the post this morning, see her list below:
'#HNNBeauty at it's peak. There are only three celebrities in the world that can go without make up and look like this.
1. @mercyaigbegentry
2. @Ciara
3. @KemiOlunloyo
#Gbam! Have MERCY on us but I ain't lying!
Even the worst Instagram filter (Hudson) did Lanre Gentry's wife justice. E karo ni Naija o Mercy. :-) #madamhnn👑'

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3 Bakassi men shot dead in Abia State

Yesterday, 28th Feb.,Three Bakassi (Vigilante) men were shot dead by unknown gunmen in broad daylight along Aba Owerri road, Aba.

The incident happened before MCC Junction, opposite Seventh Day Adventist Church (Sabbath), opposite Toonak, 360 GP gathered.

Three vigilante men, lost their lives while two of them were admitted to Abia State Teaching Hospital for treatment.

The 3 vigilante men disrupted the gunmen’s operation, where they attempted to kidnap a wealthy businessman by Tonimas, opposite Bicoz Filling Station, along Enugu/Port Harcourt express way.
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Ooni of Ife meets with U.S. Ambassador W. Stuart Symington in Lagos

The Ooni of Ife met with American Ambassador W. Stuart Symington in Lagos.

He presented an African artifact to him.

(L-R) U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria W.

Stuart Symington receives an Ife bronze head from HRM Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, at a courtesy call in the Lagos residence of the U.S. Consul General on February 24, 2017.

(L-R) HRM Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, meets U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria W. Stuart Symington during the traditional ruler’s courtesy call in Lagos on February 24, 2017
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Winner of GTBank Opts For Cash Equivalent rather than Porsche 911

The winner of the Porsche 911 Giveaway Draw that was organised by leading African Financial Institution, Guaranty Trust Bank plc, has opted for the cash equivalent of his Porsche 911 Carrera reward.

The winner, Abdulkareem Buhari, a 30-year old trader in Kaduna, was announced after a raffle draw held on Wednesday, December 15,
2016 at the Corporate Head Office of the Bank.

Following his preference of a cash equivalent, the Bank presented Abdulkareem with a cheque.

The GTBank Porsche 911 Giveaway is part of the Bank’s Platinum rewards for its Platinum Banking Customers, a niche segment that enjoys premium products and dedicated services such as access to personal banking lounges, fast track banking services, Platinum MasterCards and specialized Credit Facilities as well as higher transaction limits on alternative channels.

“The GTBank Porsche 911 Giveaway Draw is our special way of expressing our gratitude to our customers for making our success possible,” said Mr. Agbaje in December, 2016.

He further stated that, “As a bank that is committed to creating memorable experiences, we are excited at how happy we have made one of our loyal customers.”
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